About Us

Corpserve is the leading provider of independent registrar services to Companies listed on the Botswana Stock Exchange (BSE). It is licenced and regulated by the Non-Bank Financial Institutions Regulatory Authority (NBFIRA) as a Transfer Secretary.

With a 20-year history in Botswana and in other regional markets, it utilises bespoke software to offer a wide range of specialist registrar services - with a focus on professional service delivery and personalised solutions to listed companies, their security holders. Its clients included some of the largest listed entities on the BSE.

Corpserve is also a BSE approved advisor in the Sponsor category. This enables it to provide corporate advisory services to listed and unlisted entities covering debt and capital raising, corporate restructuring, liquidation and business recovery.

Registrar Services

Maintenance of mirror registers for listed securities (debt and equity), including regular reconciliation to CSDB records and external registers (for those with registers in other jurisdictions).

Maintenance of principal registers for un-listed securities (debt and equity), including issuance of certificates.

Calculation agency services for determination of gross and net distributions due to securities holders including EFT and cheque payments, full reconciliation of bank accounts and processing of replacement payments, generation of taxation forms for submission to BURS, email and physical confirmations to security holders.

Distribution of corporate documentation (Annual Reports, Circulars, Warrants) via email and in physical form to security holders.

Security holder meeting administration, include proxy management and reporting of meeting results

Receiving and promptly addressing queries from holders of securities.

Specific reporting to issuers (bespoke, monthly, quarterly, annually in format mutually agreed with issuers as well as provision of audit confirmations and liaison with capital markets participants as necessary).

Support services for issuers seeking to raise new capital including close liaison with other advisors, market participants and prospective investors.